About Swakalp

Swakalp is a clothing brand exclusively into ready to wear blouses. Proudly identifies as make in India, women owned and as a part of Indian traditional clothing.

Face Behind Swakalp

Myself Nayana Prasanna founder of Swakalp. Swakalp is a materialisation of my dream since childhood to start something on my own, being financially independent and add value to the lives of people in different possible ways.

Since childhood I always had a belief of how good it will be if one is encouraged to to learn and build career according to ones' inner driven interest. Being a mother of two homeschooled kids and telling them to build there life and livelihood around there interests and passion I always felt inadequate of myself not starting anything on my own.

Being children growing up and becoming independent I thought it's the right time to start If not now it will never be in my lifetime and So Swakalp is born.

Swakalp at present is exclusively into premium quality readymade blouses from best creators. Curated with great passion and love with a belief to bring smile in every customer and add value to the lives of people.



With love & cheers,

Nayana Prasanna